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BLAK-OX® silver/gold oxidizer (safe to ship) 3 oz

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BLAK-OX®  Oxidizer, safe to ship,   gives a smooth deep black patina when used full strength. Dilute with water for shades of gray. Works on silver, gold, copper, brass and bronze. Do not use with Aluminum.  If not sealed properly  will oxidize the closest metals. Itis  recommended  double bag  the bottle and store away from all metal materials.

  • Oxidizing Tips
  • Always work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
  • Make sure your metal is clean, dry and warm.
  • Dip your piece directly into the oxidizer or apply with a brush.
  • Optional: after rinsing and drying the metal, buff gently to create antiqued crevices and shiny high points.
  • For safety and consistent results, antique your components before assembling, especially when creating items from mixed metals. Each metal reacts differently to each oxidizing solution, and some reactions involving multiple metals are hazardous or unpredictable.
  • same formula as Win-Ox

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